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Selling CBD products on Facebook Shop is a topic many vape retailers want to learn about. The rule at Facebook says you can put ads for hemp-derived CBD if you follow certain rules and laws.

In 2021, they said this was okay. You must work with a group called LegitScript and make sure your ads are okay. Some folks use other ways to talk about their CBD stuff like showing it on different websites or using Google search ads.

A marketing agency can also help you find good ways to share your products without breaking the rules.

There are lots of people who want to know how to show their CBD things online, including on Instagram and TikTok too. It's important for shops that sell these kinds of items because it helps them make more money when they reach more people with their ads.

So let's start talking about how you can use Facebook Shop for your CBD business!

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook lets you advertise hemp products, but not by saying "buy CBD". You must follow their rules or they could shut down your ad or shop.
  • To put ads for CBD on Facebook, you need to say they are from hemp and have less than 0.3% THC. Ads should only go to people 21 years old and up.
  • Getting LegitScript certified helps when advertising CBD on Facebook. It shows that your business follows the laws for selling these products online.
  • If you can't use Facebook ads, try other ways like programmatic display advertising or Google search ads for your CBD items.
  • Work with a marketing agency that knows how to sell CBD online if this is hard for you. They know the rules and can make sure your ads work well.


Facebook's Policy on CBD and Related Products

Facebook has strict policies regarding the promotion and sale of CBD, THC, and hemp products. This section will outline the details of their policy, how it is enforced, and any updates or changes that may impact your ability to sell CBD products on Facebook Shop.

Details of the policy

Facebook lets you show ads for hemp products. But, you can't directly say "buy CBD" in your ads. The rules are strict. You must follow them or Facebook might remove your ad or even ban your shop.

Always check local laws too, because they change and can affect what you're allowed to do.

Ads should not show CBD oils, edibles, or topicals as a focus. They also need to avoid pictures of the products being used. If you sell hemp items, make sure your website is clear about what the product is and where it comes from before trying to run ads on Facebook.

Now let's talk about how these rules get put into action and kept safe on the platform.

Enforcement and security measures

Facebook enforces strict guidelines for advertising CBD products to ensure compliance with legal regulations and industry standards. It employs security measures to review and approve ads for hemp-derived CBD products while monitoring for any violations.

Businesses must adhere to these measures by providing accurate product information and obtaining necessary certifications, such as LegitScript certification when promoting CBD on Facebook.

This helps maintain the platform's integrity and ensures that users are presented with trustworthy and lawful CBD advertisements.

Updates and changes to the policy

When it comes to updates and changes in Facebook's policy on CBD and related products, it is important to stay informed with the latest developments. Throughout 2021, there have been significant updates allowing CBD brands to get ads approved on Facebook and Instagram under specific requirements and limitations.

Meta’s Hemp and Related Products advertising policy now permits ads for CBD and related products, emphasizing the necessity of complying with local laws and industry codes. These changes reflect the evolving landscape of advertising regulations for CBD products.

As you navigate through promoting hemp-derived products, be sure to keep an eye out for any new developments as policies continue to adapt in response to the increasing interest around marketing legally permissible CBD items across various platforms.

How Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook?

To advertise CBD on Facebook, you need to adhere to the platform's strict requirements for promoting these products. Partnering with LegitScript and following best practices are essential for getting your CBD ads approved and seen by potential customers.

Requirements for advertising CBD products

To advertise CBD products on Facebook and Instagram, follow these requirements:

  • Ensure that the products are derived from hemp and contain no more than 0.3% THC.
  • Clearly state in the ad that the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Advertisements must target an audience of at least 21 years old.

Partnering with LegitScript

To advertise CBD products on Facebook, partnering with LegitScript can help ensure compliance with advertising policies. LegitScript certification is required for promoting hemp-derived CBD products on major platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

This partnership offers a way to navigate the strict regulations and requirements for advertising CBD, tinctures, edibles, and other related products online. By obtaining LegitScript certification, vape retailers can boost their credibility and demonstrate their commitment to following the rules while marketing CBD products digitally.

LegitScript's partnership enables businesses to understand the complex advertising laws that govern the promotion of legally permissible CBD products. With this collaboration, it becomes easier to create effective strategies for selling and advertising CBD on social media without violating any regulations or facing penalties from platforms like Facebook.

Best practices for CBD advertising on Facebook

To advertise CBD on Facebook, it is important to adhere to the platform's policies and guidelines. Here are some best practices for CBD advertising on Facebook:

  1. Highlight the use of hemp - derived CBD products, as they align with Facebook's policy.
  2. Ensure that all ads comply with local laws and industry regulations regarding the promotion of CBD products on social media platforms.
  3. Partner with LegitScript to obtain certification for promoting CBD products on Facebook, which can help in gaining approval for ads.
  4. Clearly communicate the benefits and uses of CBD products without making any medical claims or guarantees.
  5. Use high - quality images and compelling ad copy to attract potential customers while staying within the boundaries of Facebook's advertising policies.
  6. Implement geotargeting to reach specific audiences in regions where the sale and promotion of CBD products are permissible.
  7. Leverage user - generated content and testimonials to showcase the positive experiences of customers using your CBD products.
  8. Regularly monitor and update ad content to align with any changes or updates in Facebook's policy related to promoting hemp-derived products.

Alternatives to Advertising CBD on Facebook

Try programmatic display advertising, Google search advertising, or working with a marketing agency to promote your CBD products. Read more to explore your options for promoting hemp and related products!

Programmatic display advertising

You can use programmatic display advertising to reach potential customers for your CBD products. This method allows you to place ads on websites and apps that are relevant to your target audience.

With programmatic display advertising, you can control where and when your ads appear, ensuring they reach the right people at the right time. By leveraging this approach, you can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your online store, ultimately boosting sales of your CBD products.

To initiate successful programmatic display advertising for CBD products, it is vital to understand the policy landscape and compliance requirements within the cannabis industry. Leveraging programmatic strategies could help in navigating the challenges related to promoting legally permissible CBD products across various digital platforms.

Google search advertising

To advertise CBD products on Google, you can use Google search advertising. This allows your ads to appear when people search for keywords related to CBD products. With the right targeting and ad content, you can reach potential customers who are actively searching for CBD oils, edibles, or topicals.

It's important to note that Google has its own set of advertising policies regarding CBD and related products; therefore, ensuring compliance with these guidelines is crucial in running successful ad campaigns.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency experienced in navigating through these policies can also be beneficial in creating effective Google search ads for your CBD products.

Working with a marketing agency

Consider partnering with a marketing agency experienced in CBD advertising. They can navigate the complex rules and regulations, ensuring your ads comply with Facebook's policy. The agency can also help optimize your ad strategy for maximum impact and reach on social media platforms, providing valuable insights on reaching potential customers interested in CBD products.

This collaboration can offer expertise and support to effectively promote your CBD products while adhering to advertising laws.


In conclusion, selling CBD products on Facebook Shop requires understanding and compliance with the platform's advertising policies. The strategies outlined in this comprehensive guide provide practical and efficient methods for navigating these regulations.

How can you apply these insights to effectively promote your CBD products online? By following the rules and guidelines, businesses can enhance their presence and boost sales on social media platforms.

Implementing these approaches not only ensures compliance but also opens up opportunities for growth and success in the CBD industry. Explore further resources or services to continue expanding your knowledge and capabilities in marketing CBD products online.

Embracing these strategies will lead to improved visibility, engagement, and ultimately drive results for your business.


1. Can I sell CBD products on Facebook Shop?

Yes, but there are rules. You need to follow Facebook's policies for selling cannabinoid products, which include getting approval and having the right certifications.

2. What types of CBD items can I advertise online?

You can market CBD oils and topicals, but you must meet advertising laws for CBD products and not promote ingestible options like edibles or THC products.

3. How do I get my ads for CBD approved on social media?

To have your marketing efforts accepted by social sites, ensure that your ads for CBD-related goods comply with their strict guidelines and consider obtaining a LegitScript certification.

4. Is it tough to run ads for cannabidiol items?

Running digital advertising campaigns for cannabidiol (CBD) requires understanding the specific rules of each platform about promoting these types of products, which can be challenging.

5. Do I need special permission to start selling Cannabidiol through ecommerce platforms?

Yes, when doing ecommerce with cannabidiol goods on platforms like Facebook Shop, you'll likely need approval from the site itself and may also require proper certification due to strict product regulations.